Exciting Track Cycling British Calendar 2024: Out Now!

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British cycle just revealed the exciting track cycling events that will happen in 2024! There are events for both hard and grass tracks, as well as national championships, so there is something for every cyclist.

Exciting Track Cycling British Calendar 2024: Manchester is hosting the national championships!

Exciting Track Cycling British Calendar 2024: Out Now!

From Friday, February 23, to Sunday, February 25, the British National Track Championships will take place in Manchester. The city will be full of cycle fans. You shouldn’t miss the chance to see riders compete for the coveted red, white, and blue national winners’ jersey. There are only 200 tickets left for the Saturday afternoon class, so act quickly!

Exciting Track Cycling British Calendar 2024: London’s Derny Championships begin!

Set your alarms for June 29, because that’s the day of the Open Derny Championships at London’s Herne Hill Velodrome. Not only that, but the event for women will follow on August 31. Get ready to see some great bike action!

Lee Valley is home to the youth and junior championships! Youth and Junior National Track Championships will be held at Lee Valley Velodrome from July 29 to August 2. Watch and cheer for the next big names in British racing!

Masters Battle in Newport!

Beginning September 19 and ending September 22, the Masters National Track Championships will be held at Newport Velodrome.

Series for National Hard Tracks

There are both sprints and long races in the National Hard Track Series. The sprinters’ league starts on January 20 and 21 with the Glasgow Grand Prix. On March 30, the Portsmouth Easter Open comes next. The Newport Grand Prix on November 16 will be the last race of the season. Get ready for a fast-paced story!

Grass Track Fun All Over the Country!

From May 12 to September 7, 2024, the National Grass Track Series has 10 races. It’s a trip across the country from the Ashwell Spring Grass Track Meet to the Spalding Cycling Club’s event. Sprinters and endurance riders will race in events over 400m, 800m, 5km, and 8km to win national titles. It’s not just racing; it’s an adventure on the grass!

It’s Battle of the Young Guns in the Youth Omnium Series!

In the Youth Omnium Series, young riders will compete against each other. The final will be held at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester on July 13. These young guns will show off their skills and drive with rounds all over the country, in places like Scotland and Wales.

Exciting Track Cycling British Calendar 2024: Remember the dates!

  • Saturday and Sunday, January 20 and 21; March 30 and May 25; June 9 and August 26; and November 16 and December 17.
  • April 12, June 22, June 30, July 7, July 13, July 27, August 4, August 11, and August 31, and September 7.
  • When is the Youth Omnium Series? March 10, April 27, May 18, June 8, and July 13.

Make a note on your calendar for the cycling extravaganza!

Don’t miss the exciting National track cycling Championships from February 23–25, the Masters Showdown in Newport from September 19–22, or the Youth and Junior National Track Championships from July 29–August 2 to see the next big stars. With all of these events, 2024 looks like it will be a great year for riding in Britain! Get ready to see how the wheels work!


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