The Aspirants Event: You Can Get Cool Anime Skins!

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The Aspirants event are back with a bang! They are the coolest animal skin line in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Get ready for a new version of this fun event with all-new skins, rules, and prizes. The worlds of Miss Hikari Layla, Blade of Kibou Fanny, Mecha Maiden Ruby, and Cyber Cherubin Angela are now even bigger and better. Get ready for the newest characters, Deadeye Spectre Lesley and Tech Tensai Chang’e!

The Aspirants Event: Get to know the new stars, Tech Tensai Chang’e and Deadeye Spectre

From March 4, 2024, you can get the newest skins for Tech Tensai Chang’e and Deadeye Spectre Lesley. These unique skins give the area a new look. Are you ready to look great and stand out?

The Aspirants Event: The Way to Get These Cool Skins

It’s really easy to get these awesome skins! Go to the events page and open a Terrinia Box to find a skin that is only available there. In the draw event, get Orbs of Hopes. Then, use them to play a fun minigame with the Terrinia Box. It’s cooler than a lucky draw! Plus, the first draw is half price every day, so you can save some gems!

The first 10x draw has a one-time deal of 50% that can’t be beat. Also, guess what? You’ll definitely get an Epic or better skin that you don’t already have in this draw! But don’t wait too long, because the event ends on April 3, 2024. Be a leader on the battlefield—don’t miss your chance!

Effects on Exclusive Recall and Elimination

Wait, there’s more! New exclusive recall and removal effects will spice up your game. Your wins will be even more epic with these cool effects. Get ready for your friends and opponents to look up to you!

Rewards for Battle Suit Pieces and Cosmetics

Would you like some extra physical swag? In the events tab, go to the Aspirants Unite Special Bonus. This is where you can trade Battle Suit Fragments for cool stuff like emotes, spawn effects, and removal effects.

  • Eight Battle Suit Fragments give you access to special spawn and removal effects.
  • A stylish border for your image can be made from four Battle Suit Fragments.
  • You only need two Battle Suit Fragments to make a cool pose.

It’s very easy to get Battle Suit Fragments. All you have to do is join in, recharge your diamonds, and spend your diamonds on the event. The more you play, the more pieces you get!

Special deals and bundles

Need some help? You can buy bundles in the game shop for as little as 10 diamonds, such as holy statues for skins. The exclusive recall can be yours for just 15 gems if you want to add a little something extra to your recall. Plus, you only have a small chance of keeping the holy statues. What a great deal!

Voice actresses and NFT fun are extra treats.

Find out more about the voice actors who do Miss Hikari Layla and Blade of Kibou Fanny. It’s a great chance to get to know the voices that make these figures come to life! Also, did you know that Moonton tried its hand at NFTs during the first Aspirants event? Check out the interesting place where games and blockchain technology meet.

Aspirants is an event that can help you improve your Mobile Legends experience. Don’t miss it! Get some gems and open some Terrinia Boxes. Use the coolest NIAGASLOT anime skins to attack the enemy!

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